Hay Harvested in 2016

July 26, 2016 Tom Salzer 0

A few summers ago we wrote that we didn’t hay the grass fields because the soil needed improvement. In July 2016, a local livestock producer harvested 1,018 bales of grass hay from the three two-acre fields.  This is significantly more hay than usually produced from this farm. What factors contributed to […]

The century-old barn

August 21, 2013 Tom Salzer 1

Clackamas County says the farm house was built in 1912. It’s a good bet that the barn was built before the house, making it a century-old structure. Jason Faucera, a District conservation and information technology specialist, is also a fine photographer. We know this because he wins ribbons at the […]

There’s a barn owl in that old barn!

August 2, 2013 Tom Salzer 0

We’ve been seeing owl pellets on the floor of the old barn, but we’ve not seen the owl…until yesterday. When we opened the main doors and turned on the lights, we disturbed a barn owl roosting on the top beam in the barn.  We turned off the lights and exited, […]