Photo by Tom Salzer

Spring liming of fields completed

April 14, 2014 Tom Salzer 0

Last fall, we applied 10 tons of pelletized lime to the three main fields at the farm because our soils need some help. A few days ago, we followed up with another application of 10 tons of lime, but this time we used another way to get pelletized lime to […]

Aerating the fields

October 16, 2013 Tom Salzer 0

We have an aerator as part of the Clackamas County Soil and Water Conservation District’s Equipment Rental Program. Recently, we used the aerator to aerate two of the fields at the Beavercreek Demonstration Farm. Our aerator is made by Mill Creek Manufacturing. The five-foot-wide aerator attachs to the three-point hitch […]

Applying lime with a fertilizer cart

September 26, 2013 Tom Salzer 1

District staff recently applied 10 tons of pelletized lime to 5.6 acres of grass field at the Beavercreek Demonstration Farm. That is an application rate of about 1.78 tons/acre. We used a fertilizer cart from Wilbur Ellis to do this, because we wanted to see how this device might work […]