The farm is waking up from a winter rest

February 21, 2014 Tom Salzer 0

It’s February, and we’re seeing the farm start to wake up from dormancy. The fields are greening up, robins are searching for worms, and the pussy willows are popping. A cold snap in December challenged us to keep the pipes from freezing as a bitterly cold east wind blew against the […]

Birds! We have birds!

September 11, 2013 Tom Salzer 0

Well, of course we have birds at the farm, but what kind of birds?  A fellow volunteered to help identify birds and yesterday, a walk through the farm revealed 10 bird species. He identified: 1 Great Blue Heron 1 Northern Flicker 2 Steller’s Jay 4 Western Scrub-Jay 30 Barn Swallow 1 […]

Wild birds at the farm

August 19, 2013 Tom Salzer 0

Many people enjoy observing wild birds, and Oregon has a rich variety of birds to see! We see many birds at the farm, and in this post (and follow-up comments) we’ll list our observations. If you’re interested in birding, visit the Audubon Society of Portland‘s home page to find more […]