Status report on Beavercreek Farm

September 10, 2014 Tom Salzer 0

We have fielded plenty of questions about the Beavercreek Demonstration Farm over the past several months.  July marked the first anniversary of our stewardship of Roaring Creek Ranch, aka the Beavercreek Demonstration Farm. Since we own only one farm, to us it is simply the Farm. Questions we’ve received… (1) […]

Why are we not haying the fields this year?

July 18, 2014 Tom Salzer 0

“Why aren’t you haying the fields?” That’s a question we’ve heard countless times this summer. The answer is both complicated and simple. It’s our one-year anniversary at the farm! We’ve only been stewards of this amazing property for one year. That’s barely enough time to figure out where things like […]

Big pond drops after irrigating fields

August 15, 2013 Tom Salzer 0

We started irrigating fields on July 25 and finished the last sprinkler set on August 13.  Irrigation water comes from the big pond in the northeast corner of the farm, and that pond is fed from underground springs. How much did the pond drop? Between the hot weather in August […]