August 24-30, 2019 – Roof complete, exterior siding, and sheetrock

Another milestone in the project has been achieved with the completion of the roof!  Trenches have also been filled in.  On Friday, August 29, the curbing around the building was surveyed and staked.

August 21-22-23, 2019 – Tyvek, wallboard, polished concrete

After wrapping the building with Tyvek, installation of exterior fiber cement siding will begin.

22 August 2019 – Tyvek building wrap has been installed on the south side of the building.

Below you’ll see Tyvek building wrap on the front of the building and sheetrock being installed in the office area.  Concrete polishing has started in the areas where we may have wet floors (bathrooms and kitchen/break room).  Seed in the erosion control straw has sprouted.  Deep discussion about additional changes is occurring in the last photo in the set.

And for those of us who like action shots, here is a very short animated image showing installation of one of the sheetrock pieces at the west end of the office wing:

August 18, 2019 – More shingles installed, insulating continues, plaza curb poured

Compare this panoramic view of the front of the building to the August 16 panorama to see the progress made on roof shingles since Friday noon.  We are pleased with the color and texture of the shingles.

Yellow-colored rockwool is appearing on the west end (to the right in the image) of the building.

18 August 2019 – PANO – Front of building from contractor’s trailer

Exterior photos

These photos show the extent of exterior insulation applied so far to the walls.  Concrete has been poured in the plaza to help contain the crushed granite that will form the finished surface.

Interior photos

Let’s start with the office wing which will house conservation district staff.  This is planned as an open office space with cubicles and a minimum number of private offices.  Two meeting rooms are also present, one on either side of the doors on the east end of the space.

The interior ceiling is vaulted for a less confined feeling to the large room.  Natural light enters the space through large windows and five skylights.  Multiple interior lighting systems provide flexibility in illuminating the space.

Other details:

August 16, 2019 – A new rendering, roof shingles, and insulation inside and out

In this Friday set of photos, the roofing contractor is rapidly installing shingles on the north roof (facing Beavercreek Road).  We expect shingles to be done by the end of the day on Monday.

More rockwool insulation panels are being installed on the exterior of the building.  These will get covered with a water-resistant barrier before lap siding or shingles are applied.  The siding and shingles are both made of fiber cement which has a long life and resists insects, weather, and fire.

Inside the building, batt insulation is being installed in the exterior stud walls.

First, though, is the most recent rendering of the finished building.  While the depiction of the completed building isn’t completely accurate, it illustrates the overall look we are aiming for:

14August2019 – Rendering of the north side of the Conservation Resource Center building

The gallery of photos taken this morning:

And in case you missed our earlier post with the planned floor plan and exterior views, here you go:

August 10, 2019 – Two groups of images: exterior photos and interior photos

Exterior photos

Roof shingles are a dark gray color, but a little bit lighter than what we expected.  We like it.  Windows are installed and exterior insulation is starting to be applied.  After the rock wool panels are installed we’ll be ready for fiber cement lap siding and shingles.

In the panoramic image below, you can see the waterproof barrier on the exterior walls and the windows.  The skylights are installed and the insulated roof panels are ready to accept shingles.  Trenches have been closed.

10August2019 – PANO – N side of building from contractor’s trailer.

This gallery of images below walks you around the outside of the building.

Interior photos

This 180-degree panorama of the office space shows the new windows installed in the north wall and light coming in from the five skylights.  Even on a cloudy day we are getting plenty of outside light coming into this space.

10August2019 – PANO – Looking N inside office space

This gallery of images looks at various parts of the interior space.  Some parts of the building are ready for drywall to be installed as soon as inspectors give us the okay to proceed and batt insulation is placed in the exterior wall cavities.



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