June 29, 2019 – Overview and details

More details are coming into focus for the new Conservation Resource Center.

First, some current panoramas to provide overviews of the project:

Note that the fascia board that edges the roof is actually made of 2 x 14 cedar planking.  That is a big chunk of wood but it looks to be scaled to the size of the building.

Quite a bit more has been completed in the custom-fitting of the posts and beams at the main entrance.  This is going to be a very stately entryway!

Inside the building, one of the architectural elements we opted for is appearing: windows above doors (also called “lights”).  Some of the key elements of the building design include:

  • wood posts and beams
  • wood doors and trim
  • glass windows above main doorways (and sometimes beside them, too)
  • large/tall windows

We are looking forward to the look and feel of the conference center entry way.  Originally designed as a doorway in a 90-degree corner, we chose to bevel the corner of the room so that the entryway would be in a 45-degree wall.  This creates much more space in the hallway, exactly where people like to congregate and gab.

Let’s close with a panoramic view of the interior of the office wing.  This image extends from the entrance into the office wing to the doorway into the unfinished western end of the building.  The inside offices are framed.  Can lighting fixtures are installed in the valances around the perimeter of the open space.  Outlet boxes for power and network cables are installed.  You can also see the shape of the vaulted ceiling.

29June2019 – PANO – Looking south inside the office wing

June 22, 2019 – MILESTONE: It’s dry inside!

Panoramic views today to commemorate the waterproof membrane being completed on most of the roof, enough so that the other trades can start their work on the interior of the building.  (Reminder: panoramic views sometimes distort the image!)  The plaza area outside the conference center room is going to greatly enhance the conference space during periods of good weather.

Views showing additional details are in the gallery below.

June 21, 2019 – Roof membrane is being installed and the front entrance is taking shape

The waterproof membrane is being installed on the roof.  Once complete, that marks a milestone in the project because it will be dry underneath, and that means that the trades can really get going on their parts of the project.

The six skylights arrived for later installation over the office wing.

Let’s start with two panoramic views, one of the front and one of the back.  Both show progress on installing the waterproof membrane over the office wing.

June 20, 2019 – Trench for the power line, post-and-beam work at the front entrance, fascia boards

Suddenly we have a trench from Beavercreek Road to near the building for the power line!

June 19, 2019 – Power vault, front entrance, HVAC and fire suppression systems, soil profile

No panorama today, but we hope you’ll find the soil profile exposed in the pit for the electrical vault as interested as we do!

The post-and-beam crew is focused on the main entrance.  Fascia boards are going up around the building, starting at the south end.

Water lines and piping for the restrooms are being installed by one contractor.  Another contractor is installing the fire suppression system.  Ducting for the heating-and-cooling system is being installed before we install the actual HVAC units.

A pit was excavated for the electrical vault, exposing an interesting soil profile.  Our soils are derived from volcanic rocks, and the pit shows strong gradation from the yellow-colored alteration products of the underlying volcanics to the rich topsoil above.

June 18, 2019 – Roof over walkways completed

The walkways at the back of the building are covered!  Crews are cleaning up a variety of smaller tasks.  The post-and-beam crew have shifted to the main entrance where they are preparing the posts for the main entrance canopy.

18June2019 – Roof over walkways is sheathed with plywood

June 17, 2019 – Posts and beams completed behind building

Today’s gallery is a mix of panoramic views and standard photos.  Posts and beams are completed behind the building and the last of the “half trusses” are being installed over the employee walkway.  Fitting posts for the front entrance canopy is underway.  Fire suppression system work continues and the heating-and-cooling contractor has started to install ducting.

As a reminder of how much lovely green space we have, views of two freshly hayed fields end the gallery.

June 13, 2019 – Roof work has moved to the walkways at the rear plaza

More work has been completed at the front of the building.  Behind the building, work focused on completed the cedar posts and beams that support the roof over the walkways, and installing the jack trusses that will form the walkway roof.  The east and southeast parts of the building are looking pretty complete, too.

We also had the fields along Ferguson Road mowed for grass hay.  This will open up some habitat for our resident barn owl and reduce the potential for a grass fire.

June 11, 2019 – More plywood on the roof, interior details, and cedar posts and beams

Five panoramic views are included in this gallery:

June 10, 2019 – More roof sheathing, starting work on posts and beams along plaza walkways

This panoramic view shows work being done on the roof, especially over the dormer at the west end of the office wing.

10June2019 – Panoramic view, looking at the front of the building from the northwest

June 7, 2019 – More roof sheathing, more work on trusses and roof-related structure

7June2019 – Looking south at the front of the building
7June2019 – Looking at office wing (left) and across plaza at conference center

June 6, 2019 – Roof takes shape

Today we have a few panoramic views to show progress on the trusses and roof.  Timber posts for the main entry are starting to go up.

6June2019 – Looking at the north (front) side of the building
6June2019 – Looking to the northeast at the office wing (left) and the conference center (right), from the plaza


June 4, 2019 – What a difference one day makes!

The crew worked very hard today to erect trusses, making it most of the way through the office wing.  More fire suppression system pipe was installed.  More framing of doorways was also completed.

But before the more detailed photos, we start with a couple of panoramic views to provide a wider context to the work completed to date.

4June2019 - Panoramic view of the front of the building, from the northwest to the southeast
4June2019 – Panoramic view of the front of the building, from the northwest to the southeast
4June2019 - Panoramic view from the plaza toward the conference/services wing
4June2019 – Panoramic view from the plaza toward the conference/services wing, office wing on the left

June 3, 2019 – Last load of trusses is delivered

The last load of trusses was delivered today at noon.  Photos below show them being offloaded and staged on the framed walls.

Hidden in one picture is a new black pipe up in the rafters.  This pipe is for the fire suppression system that is beginning to be installed.

Heating and air conditioning units in the attic space are VRF units.  VRF stands for variable refrigerant flow.  We will be able to have zone heating and cooling by using many small units, all being served by shared refrigerant lines.

Animation of trusses being transferred from the truck and staged on top of the framed walls:

Animation of transferring trusses from the truck to the framed office walls
Animation of transferring trusses from the truck to the framed office walls


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