CRC milestone: roof is complete!

24Aug2019 - Natural light in the office wing

The Conservation Resource Center (CRC) roof is complete!  Everything is in above the eaves: insulated roof panels, waterproof membrane, skylights, shingles, and ridge vents.  Check the box that says the roof is done!

Now that the sheetrock is up in the office wing, the large north-facing windows and the roof skylights have proven effective at providing good natural lighting.

On the exterior, you may also notice that some lap siding has shown up on the front of the building.  Better views of the two styles of siding (lap and shingle) on the building exterior are shown in the brief gallery below.  The yellow color for the siding is not the final color; more muted colors have been selected for the exterior.



Interior progress

A rough schedule looking forward a few weeks is shown below.

Concrete floor polishing

The last concrete floor areas to be polished were completed last week.  These areas include bathroom floors and the kitchen room floor.

Other floors not covered with carpeting were sealed, including the server room, mud room, and janitor’s closet.


The interior of the building is now completely insulated.  We can feel the difference every day.  Even without doors installed, the interior is warmer than the outside in the morning and cooler in the afternoon.  It is also much quieter!


The drywall crew is a few hours away from being completely done.  They completed the original scope of work and are wrapping up some additional work in the west end of the office wing.  Having sheetrock on the walls and ceilings changes how the building feels inside.  It is more defined, brighter, and feels almost complete.


Following right behind the drywall crew are the tapers.  They are filling and taping all the divots and seams to produce a smooth canvas for the painters.  Painting will follow along behind the taping crew.

Exterior progress


Exterior insulation was completed this week.


Exterior siding of most of the east end of the building was completed this week.  Siding work continues through September 20.


Loose nails were picked up from the plaza area using a rolling magnet.  This prepares this part of the project to receive crushed granite, scheduled for September 9 and 10.

Curbs and concrete

Curbs were marked on the ground this week.  We should see hardscapes and curbs completed by September 13.

Irrigation lines

Work to install irrigation lines begins next week.

Driveway and parking

Excavating and grading the final driveway bed begins next week, followed by establishing final grade on the parking areas.  Paving is scheduled for September 23.

Substantial completion

Substantial completion is the date when we can begin to move items into the facility.  Right now we are looking at very early in November for achieving substantial completion.

The surplus cubicle systems we obtained at no cost (other than for moving) from the SAIF Corporation will be cleaned and installed in November.  We’ll have a moving company move the rest of our things from the Oregon City office to the new Conservation Resource Center over Thanksgiving, with the move scheduled to be completed by the middle of December.

There will be a two to three-week period when our phone system will be unavailable.  We will still have access to email during that time.  We expect to be able to port our existing phone numbers into the new system in the CRC building.

Feedback?  We’d love to hear from you!