In the Spotlight

CRC milestone: roof is on and interior is dry

We have been eagerly awaiting this day!  With the waterproof membrane applied to the roof sheathing, the interior will now be protected from rain.  That means that installation of services can continue without interruption by [...]

What are we going to do with those brick red berms?

If you drive by the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District’s property in Beavercreek, Oregon, you have to notice the berms of red soil along Beavercreek Road.  Why in the world did we do that?  Let me explain… Cost Throughout the project, and for every aspect of it, we look […]


Milestone: walls are up!

Having the slab poured gave us an outline of the building footprint, but seeing walls going up makes it more evident.  The tall walls give scale and substance to what we imagine the completed building will look like! Now we begin to wonder what the roof system will look like. […]


Milestone: CRC building slab poured

On May 2 another milestone in the Conservation Resource Center was achieved with the pouring of the building slab. The slab was poured as a monolithic slab-on-grade with thickened edges.  From As the name suggests, a slab is a single layer of concrete, several inches thick. The slab is poured […]

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