Farm Status

Update on Barn Repairs

We last reported on the barn repairs two-and-a-half months ago.  It’s time for an update! Progress to date Tremendous progress has been made to the southwest corner of the barn.  This is the corner that receives the brunt of stormy winter weather. The building was twisted and no longer vertical […]

Farm Status

Major Repairs to Barn Underway

The century-old barn is showing it’s age.  This year, we began making structural repairs to the south wall. In 2014, we made an emergency repair to a post at the northwest corner of the barn and later repaired the roof.  After those repairs, we carefully inspected the entire structure to […]


Hay Harvested in 2016

A few summers ago we wrote that we didn’t hay the grass fields because the soil needed improvement. In July 2016, a local livestock producer harvested 1,018 bales of grass hay from the three two-acre fields.  This is significantly more hay than usually produced from this farm. What factors contributed to […]

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