In the Spotlight

We are one month away from occupancy!

It’s hard to believe that our multi-year effort to bring a permanent office and service home into being is nearly complete.  The new Conservation Resource Center is only about four weeks away from occupancy. What [...]

CRC milestone: roof is complete!

The Conservation Resource Center (CRC) roof is complete!  Everything is in above the eaves: insulated roof panels, waterproof membrane, skylights, shingles, and ridge vents.  Check the box that says the roof is done! Now that the sheetrock is up in the office wing, the large north-facing windows and the roof […]


CRC milestone: roof is on and interior is dry

We have been eagerly awaiting this day!  With the waterproof membrane applied to the roof sheathing, the interior will now be protected from rain.  That means that installation of services can continue without interruption by adverse weather. June – July schedule During the week of June 24-28, insulated roof panels […]


What are we going to do with those brick red berms?

If you drive by the Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District’s property in Beavercreek, Oregon, you have to notice the berms of red soil along Beavercreek Road.  Why in the world did we do that?  Let me explain… Cost Throughout the project, and for every aspect of it, we look […]

Beavercreek Farm & Conservation Resource Center