CRC milestone: roof is on and interior is dry

22June2019 - Southeast corner of services wing

We have been eagerly awaiting this day!  With the waterproof membrane applied to the roof sheathing, the interior will now be protected from rain.  That means that installation of services can continue without interruption by adverse weather.

June – July schedule

During the week of June 24-28, insulated roof panels will be delivered and installation on the roof will begin.  We expect installation of the roof panels to be completed on or by July 3.  An unusual part of our design is that the roof panels are insulated with ISO foam. This means that the entire attic space will remain warmer than you would experience in most homes.

The water-resistive barrier (WRB) on exterior walls may start getting applied as soon as July 1, but it is more likely not beginning until July 8.

Overhead rough in (framing) along with wall and ceiling rough in will be underway the rest of June and well into July.  We expect that insulation and drywall installation will begin around July 10.

Completion of the electrical connection may occur by the end of July.  There are still many steps needed before we can switch from the old power line to the new system.  The long trench was opened this week and the electrical power vault was installed.  A key step remaining to be completed is boring underneath Beavercreek Road to reach the power pole.

Throughout this time period, these current activities will continue or conclude:

  • Installation of the fire suppression system.
  • Installation of potable water piping.  Most of these PEX pipes are already installed.
  • Installation of boxes for electrical and network connections.
  • Installation of heating and cooling system ductwork.  Now that the interior is dry, the units can be brought in and installed.

This is a public work

We summarized this project in October 2018 on our main website.  It is a public work, meaning that it is being built by a public agency (the Clackamas SWCD) to benefit the public.

Since our building is a public work, that means we must comply with a number of requirements.  For example, specific procurement processes are required.  The system chosen by the Clackamas SWCD is known as “CM/GC,” an abbreviation that stands for Construction Manager, General Contractor.  We published the request for proposals for CM/GC services on March 2, 2018.  The company who won the contract was P&C Construction.  You may be most familiar with their expansion of the Oregon City Library.

We must pay workers at prevailing wage rates.  The concept of prevailing wages goes back to the Civil War!  While paying prevailing wages may increase the cost of constructing public works, they may also help to avoid destabilizing the local construction industry.

Selected June photos

A few photos that relate to the content of this article are included below.  We encourage you to look through the photos that start in February and continue through to today.  You can find the links to month-to-month photo sets at

When will the building be occupied?

Substantial completion is still projected to be in October 2019.  That’s the point when we could start moving furniture and supplies into the building.  The Clackamas SWCD is planning on beginning to move in November and December so that we have plenty of time to make sure the building and systems are working properly.

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