Farm History

The century-old barn

Clackamas County says the farm house was built in 1912. It’s a good bet that the barn was built before the house, making it a century-old structure. Jason Faucera, a District conservation and information technology specialist, is also a fine photographer. We know this because he wins ribbons at the […]


Wild birds at the farm

Many people enjoy observing wild birds, and Oregon has a rich variety of birds to see! We see many birds at the farm, and in this post (and follow-up comments) we’ll list our observations. If you’re interested in birding, visit the Audubon Society of Portland‘s home page to find more […]

Farm Plans

Soils in our hay fields need some help

We completed a round of soil testing for three main fields at the farm.  With permission of A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories, we’re able to share some soil test results with you. The results shown are for the center field (east of the driveway and west of the pond). […]