Farm Status

Farmhouse bathroom repairs

Those of you who own or maintain a house know there is always something that needs to be done. In our case, the water heater started leaking early in August. The water heater is in the bathroom, and we began to notice some buckling of the linoleum flooring that was […]


Birds! We have birds!

Well, of course we have birds at the farm, but what kind of birds?  A fellow volunteered to help identify birds and yesterday, a walk through the farm revealed 10 bird species. He identified: 1 Great Blue Heron 1 Northern Flicker 2 Steller’s Jay 4 Western Scrub-Jay 30 Barn Swallow 1 […]

Farm Status

End of summer in the garden

We may be nearing the end of summer, but growth and change go on. The gold raspberries are still producing fruit, and of course the zucchini plants are bountiful. We have buckwheat planted in the farmhouse garden as a cover crop. The two hydrangea bushes continue to put out new […]