Farmhouse bathroom repairs

Plumbing detail

Those of you who own or maintain a house know there is always something that needs to be done. In our case, the water heater started leaking early in August.

The water heater is in the bathroom, and we began to notice some buckling of the linoleum flooring that was getting more pronounced as the days went by. Examining what we could see of the water heater didn’t show any obvious leak, and the pipes at the toilet and sinks were dry.

Finally, we hired a handyman to take a look at what was going on, and he found the leak at the water heater.  What happened?

  • Removed old water heater
  • Pulled back the tile flooring
  • Removed all water damaged underlayment
  • Dried the area for a week with fans
  • Replaced leaking gate valve with new ball valve
  • Installed new underlayment
  • Restored tile flooring
  • Installed drip pan
  • Installed new water heater
  • Restored vinyl wall moulding
  • Tested system

We’re happy to have this problem resolved, because just like you, we’d rather be doing other things! Next up for us? Applying lime to the acidic fields!

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