Status report on Beavercreek Farm

September 10, 2014 Tom Salzer 0

We have fielded plenty of questions about the Beavercreek Demonstration Farm over the past several months.  July marked the first anniversary of our stewardship of Roaring Creek Ranch, aka the Beavercreek Demonstration Farm. Since we own only one farm, to us it is simply the Farm. Questions we’ve received… (1) […]

Planning for the Beavercreek Farm

November 17, 2013 Tom Salzer 0

The Beavercreek Demonstration Farm is a 15-acre property with a century-old barn and farmhouse, various outbuildings, a wood lot, two ponds, and several grass fields.  For the past several decades the farm has been used to raise llamas and alpacas. Water rights for irrigation and fish rearing using the two […]

Soils in our hay fields need some help

August 16, 2013 Tom Salzer 0

We completed a round of soil testing for three main fields at the farm.  With permission of A & L Western Agricultural Laboratories, we’re able to share some soil test results with you. The results shown are for the center field (east of the driveway and west of the pond). […]