Preparing to test irrigation system

Perhaps system is too strong a word, but there are specific components to the irrigation system at the farm: a pond, a pump, an intake line, a distribution line, and a sprinkler.  Inspecting these components was the order of the day.

Our large pond has a certificated water right for irrigation use.  It is spring fed and remains full all summer.

The pump is so old nobody remembers how big it is or even what brand it is.  We are guessing it develops only a few horsepower.

The intake line is deteriorating.  When the pond water clears a bit we’ll look at the line in the pond.  If the intake line in the pond is still good we may be able to splice in a new section to replace the deteriorating length from the pond to the pump.

Black poly pipe is used for distributing water from the pump to the sprinkler.  The line is stretched out along a fence beside the pond.

The sprinkler is homemade, resembling the very large sprinklers used in dairy operations, but built to a much smaller scale.

We will be powering up the pump in the next few days to test the system!