Irrigation pump, pipe, and sprinkler

On July 25, 2013, we got the irrigation pump going and tested the distribution line and sprinkler.  The good news?  The pump works and the sprinkler works.  The bad news is the black poly pipe distribution line is degraded to the point it needs to be replaced.

Here’s the first flush from the pump.  No mud from the pond came up through the intake line, just a little bit of rust the first few moments as water flushed through the pump.

The pump and motor ran smoothly.  Here’s what it sounds like.

And the sprinkler works fine, throwing water about 50 feet.  Unfortunately, the black poly pipe has splits and patches that are leaking.  One piece of pipe we picked up simply snapped in half.

Some still shots from the irrigation system test are shown in the gallery:

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  1. Using inline couplers, most of the leaks were fixed today. A better gasket where the pipe connects to the sprinkler took care of that large leak. We ran the system for an hour in the northeast corner of the Ferguson Road field.

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