Conservation Center Planned for Beavercreek Farm Site

Conditional use approved

Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District previously submitted a conditional use application to Clackamas County for a new office and meeting facility.  The District proposes to build the Conservation Resource Center at the District’s Beavercreek Demonstration Farm at 22055 S. Beavercreek Road.

On January 29, 2018, the Hearings Officer wrote:

Based on the findings, discussion and conclusions provided or incorporated herein and the public record in this case, the Hearings Officer hereby APPROVES application Z0607-1 7-C

For more information, please visit the article about the Conservation Resource Center at

Conceptual design

The conceptual design calls for approximately 12,000 square feet for the building, with three main areas:

  1. Main office
  2. Conference and meeting rooms
  3. Support facilities such as restrooms
Main entrance (north side) of proposed Conservation Resource Center

The overall design is intended to blend into the existing site, well off of Beavercreek Road.  To avoid impacting the existing open fields, the Conservation Resource Center will be constructed on the footprint of the existing buildings.  Some buildings will be preserved, including the historic barn.


In November 2017, Clackamas SWCD published “Findings of Fact for Construction Manager/General Contractor Alternative Form of Contracting.”

On January 25, 2018, Clackamas County held a public hearing on the Clackamas SWCD’s application for a conditional use application.

Barn after 2017 repairs

Some of the reasons that Clackamas SWCD seeks to build an office and meeting facility in Beavercreek include:

  • Efficiency and cost
    • Consolidating services in one location
    • Demonstrate conservation practices at our office location
    • Long-term cost reduction and stability
  • Safety and convenience
    • Parking sufficient for our farm and forestry customers
    • Security of people and property
  • Improved workshops and educational events
    • Facilities adequate to conduct workshops and large meetings at our office location
  • Preservation
    • Retain existing open space by building on the already developed footprint
    • Retain the rural character of the site
    • Preserve the integrity and usefulness of the historic barn

What comes next?

By the end of February 2018, the District expects to publish a Request for Proposals for a construction manager/general contractor.

Funding proposals are currently being sought from a variety of lenders.

A design consultation with Clackamas County has been held.  Consultants are working to satisfy the conditions stated in the conditional use approval.

If all goes well, Clackamas SWCD will seek a building permit by summer 2018.

Clackamas SWCD currently leases space in Oregon City.  That lease expires in February 2019.  Clackamas SWCD expects to receive a one-year extension on the lease and hopes to move into the new Conservation Resource Center by January 2020.

If you have questions

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