Farm Status

Preparing to test irrigation system

Perhaps system is too strong a word, but there are specific components to the irrigation system at the farm: a pond, a pump, an intake line, a distribution line, and a sprinkler.  Inspecting these components was the order of the day. Our large pond has a certificated water right for […]


The walnut tree

We don’t know what variety of walnut we have at the farm, but our guess is English walnut. The old hulls on the ground don’t look like black walnut shells. The tree must have started to split at one point in the past, because the tree has grown around a chunk […]

Farm Plans

What is our plan for the farm?

We announced our purchase of the Beavercreek Farm on June 19, 2013.  But what are our plans?  What do wish to do with this amazing property? It’s too early to say exactly what will happen, but it’s important to know we have a set of values that will guide our […]