Those pesky gophers

On the farm, gophers can be harmful.  Livestock, stable fence posts, and gopher holes and burrows don’t mix too well.  And don’t forget we have two ponds where burrowing animals can cause real problems!  Oregon has several species of gopher. Farmers temporarily eliminate the nuisance and harm caused by gophers […]

Farm Status

Irrigation pump, pipe, and sprinkler

On July 25, 2013, we got the irrigation pump going and tested the distribution line and sprinkler.  The good news?  The pump works and the sprinkler works.  The bad news is the black poly pipe distribution line is degraded to the point it needs to be replaced. Here’s the first […]

Farm History

The flag pole

Our flagpole has an interesting story.  It was one of the original steel flagpoles at the Lloyd Center in Portland.  When those poles were replaced with aluminum poles, Roaring Creek Ranch got one of the old steel poles. The mounting base was crafted by the previous owner, who also added […]