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Farm Status

Weekend chores

This past weekend was full of things to do at the farm.  We caught another gopher, took out the garbage, and watered foundation plants.  We also mowed an area in the west field to be used as overflow parking for an event at the end of August, and we cleaned […]

Farm Status

Irrigation pump, pipe, and sprinkler

On July 25, 2013, we got the irrigation pump going and tested the distribution line and sprinkler.  The good news?  The pump works and the sprinkler works.  The bad news is the black poly pipe distribution line is degraded to the point it needs to be replaced. Here’s the first […]

Farm Status

Preparing to test irrigation system

Perhaps system is too strong a word, but there are specific components to the irrigation system at the farm: a pond, a pump, an intake line, a distribution line, and a sprinkler.  Inspecting these components was the order of the day. Our large pond has a certificated water right for […]