Work on the new Conservation Resource Center has started

24Feb2019 - Heavy equipment

In the last few days, folks driving by the farm at 22055 S Beavercreek Road, Beavercreek, OR may have noticed some heavy equipment parked by the barn.  What does this mean?  It means that work on preparing the site for the new Conservation Resource Center has started!

Please read the article below for more information or jump straight to the frequently asked questions list. Find older articles here.

We’ll post photos of the project here:


Clackamas Soil and Water Conservation District staff had a work day at the farm on February 14.  Everything worth saving was removed from the buildings to be demolished.  Several shorter visits have occurred since then to take care of additional details.

We also had a contractor remove some items that staff couldn’t handle by themselves.  One of the items saved was a stained glass window.  We plan to display it in the new facility as a way to maintain a connection with the history of the farm.

Asbestos abatement

On Friday, February 22, an abatement crew removed asbestos-bearing linoleum flooring from the old farmhouse.  This was the only hazardous material found in a survey of the buildings to be removed.

Buildings to be removed

What buildings will be removed to make way for the new Center?  The farmhouse, the garage, and the outbuildings immediately behind those two structures will all be removed.

Why demolish the buildings?

The District believes that open space and farm fields should be preserved whenever possible.  Open space is important to wildlife but also has a positive influence on people.  In two or three decades, it’s possible that there will be a lot less open space in Beavercreek, so saving what we can now is important.

The farmhouse and garage were advertised to the local community but we received no commitments.  The cost of rehabilitating the buildings to meet current building code and to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act would be more than the buildings are worth.  Thus, in keeping with the District’s philosophy of preserving open space, the buildings must be removed so that construction won’t impair the existing open space and farm fields.

Demolition preparation has started

Demolition preparation started on Sunday, February 24 as workers began to recover some reusable materials.  Some fencing along the driveway was removed to make room for the contractor’s office trailer.


For safety reasons, the property is closed to visitors during the construction period.  Starting immediately and lasting through at least October, site access will be restricted.

What is happing now?

This week we’ll see a lot of activity at the farm:

  • Monday, February 25: removal of trees along the east side of the driveway.  Erosion control measures will be installed on Monday and Tuesday.
  • Tuesday, February 26: contractor’s office trailer arrives.
  • Wednesday or Thursday, February 26-27: power will be disconnected and demolition of buildings may begin.

Project schedule

The following schedule is dependent upon many factors including the timing of when we receive the building permit and complications that may arise during construction.

  1. Site preparation should be completed by the end of March.
  2. Foundations will be completed in April.
  3. Structural wood framing will begin at the end of April and will be completed in June, including erecting trusses and sheathing the roof.
  4. Roofing will be installed in June.
  5. Exterior wall systems will be completed by early August.
  6. Interior finish work commences at the end of June and will be completed in October.

Substantial completion will occur in November and that’s when the District can begin to occupy the new building.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Q: What are you doing at the farm?
A: The Clackamas SWCD is creating a permanent conservation center to better serve our constituents in Clackamas County. We hope to also house the USDA Farm Service Agency and USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service so that the facility becomes a one-stop shop for our agricultural customers.
Q: Why are buildings being removed?
A: The Clackamas SWCD chose to build on the already developed part of the property so that farm fields and open space would be retained. When the property was up for sale in 2013 it was marketed as a possible subdivision. The District’s purchase of the property prevented the loss of open space that would have occurred if a subdivision had gone in.
Q: Couldn’t the buildings have been saved?
A: We offered the buildings to the local community, hoping that someone might want them. The cost of upgrading the structures to meet current building codes and to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act was more than they are worth. The most prudent use of the public funds entrusted to the District is to remove those buildings. We are saving some of the most useful outbuildings. The District is committed to preserving the century-old barn. We have already invested tens of thousands of dollars to keep it standing. More work remains to be done!
Q: How can the District build an office on this site?
A: The site is zoned RA-2. We are allowed to build there through a conditional use provision specified in the Clackamas County zoning and development ordinances.
Q: How has the community been informed of this activity?
A: We have discussed this many times at Hamlet of Beavercreek meetings. It has been featured in the Beavercreek Bulletin and in Pamplin Media newspapers. We have presented our plans during events held at the site. It has also been featured on our website. As part of the conditional use process, neighbors were contacted by Clackamas County for their comments.
Q: Won’t it be noisy? What about extra traffic?
A: We don’t expect that activities at the new facility will be any noisier than before. A traffic study showed no significant impact to existing traffic on Beavercreek Road.
Q: Why are trees along the driveway being removed?
A: The driveway must be widened to accommodate two lanes of traffic. That can’t be done without removing some trees. We are positioning the new driveway east of one row of trees so that we can retain as many trees as possible. We will replant trees once construction is completed.
Q: Will the facility be open to the public?
A: We are a public entity and once construction is complete we will welcome visitors. The large conference room may be made available in the future for workshops and educational events. We will hold an open house for the community in 2020.
Q: Can I have my wedding at the farm?
A: The Clackamas SWCD does not allow wedding-related events to be held at the farm.
Q: What will the fields be used for?
A: For now, the fields provide open space and grass hay. There is ample room for additional demonstration projects. We look forward to creating demonstrations of various farm and ranch practices.
Q: How do I get more information?
A: Please use our contact form at to reach us.